Something very strange happened to my 8770w. I was reinstalling Win7 when, after a reboot, the "bios image" (HP logo, greyish background and a few lines of text) remained burned in on the Dreamcolor.

The image strongly persisted after booting into Windows, installing the video and other drivers etc., which I was barely able to do given the garbled superposed images on the screen.

At some point it started to slowly fade and now it seems to have disappeared completely, but I wonder about image fallout and other possible issues. Luckily the notebook is under warranty...

Anyway, has anyone ever experienced - or even heard about - such sudden, total burn-ins? I thought they were supposed to happen progressively and often affect only those parts of the image/panel that stay unchanged for a long time (taskbars etc.).

From what I could dig up on the net, Dreamcolors are not immune to this, but they do not seem to be especially prone either... Forums - View Single Post - HP DreamColor Displays Offer Unmatched Color Accuracy

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Any thoughts?