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Thread: 8740w vs. 8760w

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    Default 8740w vs. 8760w

    Due to several issues with the actual 8740w I was offered from HP to get a new NB. Surely they do not have the actual 8740w any longer. So they offered me a 8760w.

    I am not convinced that the 8760w will have big benefits versus the elder one. In my eyes they do not even offer an adequate NB (LG674EA or LY533EA).

    Please give me your opinions and what is an adequate configuration of the 8760w (read somewhere that the 2630qm does not support dual channel memory access with more than 8GB RAM, how about the 2670qm)?

    My configuration:
    16GB RAM

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    Default Re: 8740w vs. 8760w

    well, it is a TOUGH decision.

    Your WD943EA is an awesome 8740W spec (most in the office are 943's)

    And speaking to the guys, that use them for 6+ hours a day, they would kill me if i forced them to upgrade to the 8760.

    You get forced throttling on the cpu's because of heat issues, as well as it only being 1920x1080p display. sure it's sandy bridge, but i would have to pry the 8740w's from my engineer's (i quote) 'cold dead hands, before he'd use the 8760w.'

    the gpu's are new gen, but they do not support optimus, nor do they have a decent power profile. The keyboard... don't get me started.

    The two guys using the 8760w's are mac freaks, so they love it. those of us that use the 8740s and have done for the last 18 months, swear by them. you can't even leave the 8760w rendering overnight without a thermal throttle. (the 8740w just does what it's told without issue)

    I am talking more from a professional use, as our 8740w's travel around the world with our engineers, so i think i'd be shot if i recommended us to migrate to the 8760. atm we've upgraded our warranties on the 8740w to last as long as possible.

    just some words from an autocad/3ds max/vfx group.
    SQL-02 HP Elitebook 8740W (WD941EA) - 920XM, 32GB, 240GB SSD, BDRW, WWAN, 6300N, ECard 96GB SSD, SDXC 64GB, 2800M

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    Default Re: 8740w vs. 8760w

    Quote Originally Posted by Siorah View Post
    the gpu's are new gen, but they do not support optimus, nor do they have a decent power profile. The keyboard... don't get me started.
    You'd need a Dell Precision M6600 for that, which does offer Optimus and dedicated graphics via a bios setting. If that's important, perhaps try to negotiate a refund to switch vendors? A M6600 can be specced with a FX4000M/FX5010M, approx equivalent to GTX570M/GTX485M gaming dGPUs.



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