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    Default *HP 2510p Owners Lounge*

    2510p Owners Lounge
    Release Date: June 27, 2007 (pre-GFC build quality)

    MODIFIED F10 BIOS: No Whitelist, Dual IDA enabled, Fan @ 40% setting.
    This file is provided courtesy of Nando4
    Many thanks to a number of contributors whose efforts made this possible.
    Truly we each stand on the shoulders of one another to reach new heights.

    For full development spectrum and additional files see here: 2510P Bios Mods

    Important modified BIOS installation note: You must flash BIOS v F.0E first, then v F.0F and then this modded one. Even if you are on an older BIOS version. Failure to do so may lead to bricking your notebook. The only way to recover from a bricked notebook is by way of the floppy disk method.

    Alert about HP's 2510P bios F.20 or newer - do NOT upgrade to it since it prevents BIOS rollback. If you are not concerned with the inability to rollback your BIOS, then by all means.

    Alert about HP's newer and faster replacement ZIF HDDs

    If your factory-delivered, 60GB/80GB/120GB 2-platter Toshiba ZIF HDD has bad sectors then HP will likely replace it under warranty with a higher-density thinner and faster (5mm versus 8mm) single-platter drive.

    Examples of 12" HP 2510P systems listed according to cost of modification: lowest to highest

    Other Mods
    PATA optical bay/2.5" caddy used
    akwxc87hdd: 80GB-5400rpm
    chris32303hdd: 120GB MK1214GAH
    -modded_bios, U7600@1.6 >>2540P
    mike60hdd: 100GB Toshiba
    -modded_bios, 6200AGN.wifi, F3507G.wwan
    pata-hdd: 160GB HM160HC/ebayusb_DVDU7600@1.5, quiet_fan, >>2530P
    sata-hdd: 160GB WD1600BEVS/ebayU7600@1.5, RT2571W_wifi, nc2400_palmrest, broadcom_HD, 9cell_83Whr
    sata-ssd: 60GB OCZ Vertex/ebay-U7600@1.4, quiet_fan, +others
    sata-ssd: 90GB Kingston V200+/ebay-??
    sata-ssd: 96GB Kingston V+100/ebay-6250AGN.wifi +2USB
    rangeroverhse8hdd: 240GB MK2431GAH
    -modded_bios, L7700@2.0
    Crx7ssd: 60GB SuperTalent ZT2
    -modded_bios, 5200AGN.wifi, 4GB RAM
    sata-ssd: 128GB Crucial M4/ebay-
    pata-ssd: 128GB Transcend/newm
    zerGusssd: 64GB ProIV
    e&issd: 60GB MX-Nanosata-hdd: some HDD/newmodeususb_DVD+f..modded_bios
    Jay2k1ssd: 32GB Mtron^2
    tudorlaptopssd: 64GB ProIVpata-hdd: 160GB HM160HC/newmusb_DVDquiet_fan, >>x201
    w0llahdd: 80GB Toshibasata-ssd: 80GB Intel X25MG2/newm-??
    Ayorissd: 64GB K3VLAR
    ZIFhdd_USBmodded_bios, 4GB_RAM
    Borhssd: 64GB ProIV
    pocket_geekssd: 64GB Samsungpata-hdd: 320GB WD3200BEVE/newm-HS2300.wwan, >>2530P
    withanee67ssd: 120GB MX-Nano
    -modded_bios, 4GB_RAM
    rr3636hdd: 120GB Toshibasata-ssd: 80GB Intel X25M.G2/ebay+newm-4GB_RAM
    nando4 &ssd: 60GB K3VLAR-Esata-hdd: 500GB MJA2500BH/newm^3ZIFhdd_USBmodded_bios, U7600@1.66, quiet_fan,
    GTX470 eGPU, pc2-6400, MC8780.wwan >>2530P

    RED - highest performance setup | GREEN - lowest power consumption drive setup (2.5" SSD see here).
    ^1 - One can sell their HP supplied ZIF PATA HDD to recoup storage upgrade costs | ^2 - only available as 32GB or smaller
    ^3 - hotswap on demand cn be performed and adds 0.8W power consumption overhead

    US$180 12" HP 2510P 60GB SSD_____ : US$150 2510P + US$90 60GB 2.5" SF1222 + US$20 ODDcaddy - US$80 ZIF HDD+DVD sold@ebay
    US$225 12" HP 2510P 60GB SSD+DVD : US$150 2510P + US$125 60GB 1.8" Supertalent ZT2 ZIF SSD - US$50 ZIF HDD sold@ebay.

    Procedure retains the balance of the 3yr onsite warranty and respectable battery life. There are very few cosmetic issues. Though, it is recommend to get a 2530P over a 2510P as it has a SATA storage subsystem, longer battery life, superior performance, and in general a stronger build.

    Information about Drivers and Disassemby as well as OS:

    Drivers, Manuals, Maintenance And Service Guide, Media Services Library with disassembly videos.
    Replacing a damaged LCD: one-gen older nc2400 shown with identical process.
    Popular HP Notebook Software Collection : one-stop location for the latest versions of popular HP notebook sw.
    Win7 OEM sources : the additional HP installation contents added to a Win7 CD.
    HP/Compaq Desktop Wallpapers : A compilation of stock wallpapers from the HP and Compaq notebook range

    Two-finger scrolling touchpad driver
    Win7 Quicklaunch buttons support

    Useful Videos:
    Win7/32: Modded X3100 video driver. Increases desktop WEI by 10%.
    XP: downgraded X3100 video driver to correct high CPU utilisation at idle after a few mins of usage

    Changes to BIOS and DMI:

    HP Flash BIOS Emergency Recovery: if you have a bios flash issue, this will help.
    HP DMIFIT 118 Utility: change DMI details, eg: model number, serial, password.Disabling AMT and TPM (serial/IDE in Device Manager) permanently
    Resetting a forgotten admin bios password - to perform this action, you will need a boot-to-bios or a system board change with an EEPROM (near the 1.8" HDD bay). Make sure you swap out your protected EEPROM with a non-protected one.This can be done as a hot swap and then change the password. You can also use a 4MB bios image to flash the new EEPROM with an unprotected password.
    Flashing bios in Linux using flashrom: partial read success only

    Support Tools for Overclocking:

    2510P Performance Toolkit 1.0c This will help you configure to undervolted DC profile switching or overloclocking in AC.
    setfsb/Throttlestop. Includes Win7 WEI+wprime benchmarking, PLL pinmod, RAM timings.
    166Mhz_bclk : A 133->166Mhz hardware PLL pinmod overclock. Note, there is no longer a need to use setfsb to achieve this.
    200Mhz_bclk: Run a U7500/U7600/7700 as 200x6 instead of 133x8/x9/x10 for faster X3100 and RAM.
    Using Linux's grub2 bootloader. This can be used with non-Windows operating systems (MAC iOS, LINUX, etc.).

    How to Improve Battery LIfe:

    Extending Battery Life. Covers measuring battery life as well as improving battery life.
    hw_undervolt: undervolt by up to 0.135V (-16%) via VID3, VID2, VID0 pins.
    93Wh_9cell: Install the 2540P 93Wh 9-cell battery for 12%/69% longer battery life than the 2510P's 9/6cell.

    Useful Software Tweaks:

    quiet_fan Instructions on how to radically reduce the noise produced by your fan using a custom ACPI dsdt table.
    Enabling third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstyk
    IFor LINUX and UBUNTU users - this covers ways to improve touchstyk speed

    Threads Related to Storage and SSD Performance:

    Undo the slave PATA 30MB/s sequential write speed capping
    Manually setting ZIF/IDE transfer mode and standby timeout
    Solution to 30 second bios hang when using a caddy
    Disabling power saving to increase SSD write performance
    SSD tweaks for Win7

    Storage modifications/enhancements:

    1.8" ZIF compartment noting a 240GB ZIF HDD is not compatible with the 2510P as explained.

    1.8" ZIF PATA SSDs available

    ZIFhdd_USB: Convert supplied 1.8" ZIF HDD to a tiny USB drive using a US$7-delivered enclosure
    Jumpering the 1.8" Toshiba ZIF HDD as slave and here.
    Installing the ZIF cable and purchasing a replacement 2510P-specific ZIF cable
    schematic snippet of the 2510P's 1.8" ZIF and optical drive schematics.

    Optical Bay Compartment Upgrades/Conversions:

    2.5" SATA or PATA SSD or HDD using an optical bay caddy
    Forcing master/slave on optical drive or caddy
    Setting the ebay caddy to run as slave. This works whereas link above it doesn't.
    usb_DVD: Convert supplied 9.5mm internal DVD drive to an external USB unit using a US$15-delivered enclosure

    Other Areas of Interest:

    PCMCIA e-sata and here
    Add a mPCIe USB 3.0 port: to run faster internal/external storage
    Add a mPCIe sata port - could thread internally to drive a non-bootable sata SSD/HDD in a caddy.
    e-sata/usb cable or enclosure, useful for external e-sata storage
    Enabling and connecting to the ICH8M native sata port + detailed update. This is something most people will not be able to do.

    Other Hardware Mods/Upgrades

    nc2400 palmrest (kecsap):
    How-to: Installing a Broadcom Crystal HD (BCM70012) into a nc2400/2510p (kecsap): improves HD video playback
    4GB_RAM: 4GB memory upgrade + using extra 'inaccessible' RAM in a 32-bit OS as a ramdisk.
    +2USB:Inexpensive PCMCIA card can add 2 USB ports
    pc2-6400_RAM: Upgrade your stock 2GB 667MHz RAM to 800MHz for free.
    wifi-in-WWAN slot : using a USB mPCIe wifi card in WWAN slot
    MC8780/MC8781 WWAN: How to add an internal 3G card using 2510P's WWAN and SIM card slots and antennas.
    webcam &: How to add a webcam by tapping internal docking connector USB pins. See schematic snippet.
    2530P nightlight retrofit : How to have a backlit keyboard without paying for one.
    Adding internal USB devices by tapping USB pins.
    DIY eGPU. - desktop HD5750/GTX470-equipped 2510P for gaming/DVI/HDMI/S-Video accelerated graphics.
    Systemboard swap: superLFM capable 800Mhz FSB L7700-1.8 CPU systemboard a direct swapout. A 2530P systemboard swap has been attempted.

    Schematic 2510P-Quanta-OT2-schematic.pdf courtesy of laptopdesktopschematic. Block diagram in the spoiler:
    Spoiler :

    Review Links: comparison to a netbook, a good review.

    4 - docking station ports | 5 - the slow ZIF PATA harddisk in the 1.8" drive bay

    There are a few negatives: only has 2 USB ports, a mono speaker, and no webcam (unless mod one in), no HDMI, only 1 RAM slot (which means a pricier 4GB upgrade with x3100 graphics working) 20-30% slower than a dual-channel setup and the bus bottleneck with 4200rpm 1.8" PATA harddisk.

    Differences Between 2510P, 2530P, 2540P & 2560P

    Item/Owner's Lounge2510P2530P2540P2560P
    unwhitelisted biosyesyesnono
    LED-backlit LCD 12.1" 1280x80012.1" 1280x80012.1" 1280x80012.5" 1366x768
    primary/optical bay 1.8" ZIF/pata1.8" usata/sata1.8" usata/sata2.5" sata/sata
    CPU/chipset65nm Merom/965GM45nm Penryn/GS4532nm Arrandale/QM5732nm Sandy Bridge/QM67
    FSB MhzU7x00/L7700 533/800U9x00/L9x00 800/106610661333
    Graphicsx31004500MHDIntel HDHD3000
    no of RAM slotssingle channel (1)dual channel (2)dual channel (2)dual channel (2)
    expansion slotPCMCIA+mPCIeexpresscard 1.0+mPCIeexpresscard 1.0+mPCIeexpresscard 2.0+mPCIe
    webcam and nightlightno, consider modyes - on some modelsyesyes
    Displayport/HDMInono, consider DIY eGPUyes/noyes/no
    USB ports (+ODD caddy)22+13+13
    native e-satanononoyes
    Bootable SD card?noyesyesyes
    Weight with 6-cell+ODD1.63kgs/3.59lbs1.70kgs/3.75lbs1.81kgs/3.99lbs1.92/4.24lbs
    2510P/2530P/2540P HP Accessory List shows shareable accessories between 25xxP units.
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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?


    I own a 2510p as well and the very limiting factor indeed seems to be the 4200rpm PATA hard drive.

    In my 2510p, there's an 80GB model inside (Toshiba MK8009GAH) and right now I'm asking myself what to do. The usual price comparison sites tell me that, as a simple replacement, there's a 100GB and a 120GB model of that hard drive series available (MK1011GAH and MK1214GAH), both with 8MB cache and 4200rpm.
    Assuming PATA is the only way to go, one could consider buying the Mtron Mobi MSD 3000 32GB, 1.8", ZIF (MSD-PATA3018-032). It costs 170 EUR here in Germany - that's pretty OK imo - but tbh, 32GB isn't really much.
    So I am very very interested in this thread. I have also seen the unused connector and am wondering what it might be for.

    Also, did you notice the letters 'SSD' marked on the little metal clamp that is used to hold the hard disk in place? Any idea why they put it there? Waking hope?

    Another interesting thing: According to the HP partsurfer, there is a 120GB hard drive w/ 5400 rpm available (part number 467847-001). I'd go for that too, unfortunately I couldn't find out what HDD model it is yet.

    Edit: I just found out that Toshiba will start shipping the MK2431GAH drive (1.8", 4200rpm, 240GB (!)) on March 1st, 2009. Now, as seek time remains 15ms, I'm curious nevertheless for benchmarks, because with two platters 120GB, it will have a record breaking data density which should increase at least sequential read and write performance.

    Edit2: Oh, and I wonder what happened to this one o.O
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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Good god, dude. Stop talking about soldering on the mobo, it makes my head hurt

    I would never go that far. I think the possibilities are as follows:
    1. some manufacturer makes a decent 1.8" ZIF hdd
    2. we go for the 32GB MTRON ssd
    3. the unused port turns out to be some kind of sata connector which somehow can be enabled and used

    I just flashed my BIOS to the newest version last evening, I was three versions behind before, and neither of the two BIOS versions had any options related to SATA. The only HDD related option I recall is the translation logic (bit-shift vs. LBA).

    At this time, I am only one click away from buying the 32GB MTRON SSD :S
    The sad thing is, there was a press release from MTRON saying they would release a 64GB version of their 1.8" ZIF SSD, but apparently they never did. Makes me

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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Man, I'd love being able to go for that one, that's for sure.

    Say, could you provide hi-res photos of the system board of the 2510p? So we could see what kind of ricoh controller chip there is.

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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Well, at least when it comes to soldering on the mainboard you'll lose the warranty anyway, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal for you

    I've seen the device ID in the device manager as well, yeah, but maybe maybe there is some pcmcia driver for the ricoh controller other than the default xp driver.
    Unfortunately I don't own such a cardbus SATA adapter card, otherwise I'd have tested with some linux distributions as well to make sure it's not the windows driver that causes the slow data rates.

    Well, sadness. I've read this, so I think we can forget about using the cardbus slot, which narrows it down to either stick to the existing PATA connector or figuring out what the unused connector is good for, and how to enable it.
    EDIT: Forget this, read page 4 of this thread!
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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    I think I won't buy such a controller card, because, as you correctly pointed out, we can see enough of the ricoh chip in the HP services media library picture to know it's a R5C847.

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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Point taken. I found 6 or 7 different adapters still available here, most of whats on the marked nowadays is ExpressCard. Unfortunately, none of the cardbus adapters are the short "hide-inside" ones like what you linked. That won't affect the testing of course, but assuming I'm successful it won't be of much help. I don't want to have some stuff sticking out of the notebook, the battery that stands out of the back annoys me enough...

    Besides I often copy photos from my compact flash card to the notebook using a 32-bit cardbus CF adapter, so I wouldn't want the slot to be blocked by the system disk. I think I'll get myself an MTRON 32GB SSD now.
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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay2k1 View Post

    ...Another interesting thing: According to the HP partsurfer, there is a 120GB hard drive w/ 5400 rpm available (part number 467847-001). I'd go for that too, unfortunately I couldn't find out what HDD model it is yet.
    The 120GB 5400rpm zif drive is the Samsung HS122JC. I picked a couple of these off eBay a few months ago for my 2510p's.
    Thinkpad T61p T7500 WSXGA+ Quadro 570M 4GB 7K200GB VistaB 64
    HP 2530p 1.8Ghz 3GB 5K160GB Win7 64
    Toughbook CF-29 1.2Ghz 1.5GB 5k60GB touchscreen XP

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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Quote Originally Posted by tselling View Post
    The 120GB 5400rpm zif drive is the Samsung HS122JC. I picked a couple of these off eBay a few months ago for my 2510p's.
    Could you please be so kind to do a benchmark using HD Tune or HDTach? I'd appreciate it very much.

    Edit: Although I guess it wouldn't matter much because I can't seem to get my hands on one of those, neither in any shops nor at eBay
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    Default Re: 2510p - SATA SDD/HDD & CPU upgrades?

    Perhaps someone here wants to know.
    The probably biggest MTRON reseller here in Germany says:
    unfortunately, the production of the 64GB version of the 1.8" SSD
    has not yet started. The necessary 32Gb NAND chips are hardly available at the market at this time.
    So, at the moment, the 32 GB SSD is the biggest available 1.8" SSD by Mtron.
    I also mailed with Toshiba concerning the MK2431GAH hard disk drive, which has 1.8" LIF 4.200rpm and 240GB on only 2 platters. I asked why it doesn't seem to be available in all the web shops (the 120GB version was all I could get). Toshiba Supervisor Technical Support, Danny Stahlfeld, says:
    Because the MK2431GAH has a block size of 4KB and therefor is unsuitable for PC use, the hard drive is not ordered by the distributors, because there's no demand by the shops. This is the reason for the hard drive being hardly or not at all available in retail sales.
    I did order the 32GB version of the MTRON 1.8" SSD now, atm the retailer is awaiting the shipping from Mtron, Korea, and I might hold it in my hands in the first days in March.
    I'm curious though if there will be any useful stuff released on the CeBIT fair (3-8 March) (I'll be there most probably).


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