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    Default What determines Download Speed..?

    I'm a little confused on why my old desktop was downloading files quicker then my new Dell E1705 when my desktop only has 512 MB Memory and an older Amd athlon 3000.

    My laptop is using wireless and I'm not sure if that effects how quick my files get downloaded. My laptop started downloading quite a big file at only like 300 KB a second or so and when I tried it on my desktop, it start at around 650, then went down to about 500 KB per sec, but still the desktop is quicker.

    The desktop computer is using an ethernet caple to get the internet, while the laptop is using wireless, so I'm not sure if that effects download speed or not, but could anyone inform me on what would because I was hoping my new laptop would be better then this.
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    Default Re: What determines Download Speed..?

    I think you pretty much answered your own question. There is a lot of overhead associated with wireless, especially depending on the router used, if there are 802.11B devices on the network as well, signal strength and interference from other networks on the same channel, etc.

    You might also try turning off Norton Internet Security and see if that helps at all...

    But memory, CPU, etc are all pretty much irrelevant in terms of download speed.

    Keep in mind that the internet is very fluid and server conditions can change very quickly resulting in speed fluctuations.

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    Default Re: What determines Download Speed..?

    Download speed has very little to do with the specs of your system. It's all about the speed of the connection, how many other people are accessing the same remote file, what other files are being accessed off the same server, etc.



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