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    Default Upgrading Emachines D620 MS2257 Laptop CPU

    I think i may have posted this in the wrong thread :P sorry, Here's the original, then i just realised it should be here!

    so i just bought an old laptop - Emachines D620 MS2257
    for 80 as i desperately wanted a replacement until my little toshiba gets fixed! (She's out of action, and sent away to toshiba.)
    This laptop was lagging on Youtube .-.

    I was reading an old thread on here, eMachines eMD620-5777 upgrades

    And after discovering they may be roughly the same, i was wondering if i could upgrade the cpu?

    The socket is AM2 (940)
    Current CPU installed - AMD Athlon Neo MV-26 @ 1.6GHZ
    Codename - Huron
    Brand ID - 8
    Core VID - 1.000V
    Technology - 65nm

    Would the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850E 2.5Ghz 1MB Socket AM2 45W work?

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    Default Re: Upgrading Emachines D620 MS2257 Laptop CPU

    Not sure, looks like its the right socket obviously, maybe you should look up the FSB on these CPUs.

    AMD CPU upgrades can be a little more iffy than Intel (if only for the scarcity and lack of knowledge on the subject). My experience upgrading the CPU in a Dell d531 was unsuccessful, though I can't remember the details.

    Looks like from that thread there are definitely better CPUs that will work. The thing is you have a 22 watt desktop CPU, and most desktop CPUs are more like 60 watts so if you just go for it it will probably function extremely hot. And, if your charger can't supply enough wattage, it will burn up too and the voltage could easily fluctuate enough to fry the motherboard.



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