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    Sorry for posting same question again but this time i do it in the correct forum

    Im thinking of purchasing a laptop since Im going to study for 2 years. I would, during this time, like to watch movies both directly on the laptop and with the laptop connected to a tv. Could you recommend something for good quality (graphic, processor, ram etc?)

    MVH Kasper

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    Of course, a widescreen must fit for your expectation. Only for movies and TV, probably you don't need a fast speed GPU. If your budget can afford it, probably ATI x1400 or higher and nvida 7300 or higher are enough to handle everything. Honestly speaking, you don't need fast cpu, gpu and much memory for watch TV and movies, but Duo core CPU for laptop mainly focus on the market, choose 1.66 or 1.83 Ghz cpu with 1x1024 MB memory should be good enought.


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    Let's continue this discussion where you asked the question in the correct "What Should I Buy Forum"




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