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    Default copying from Drive A to Drive B... but

    I have a question regarding backing up a hard drive. I just went out and bought a hard drive to back up my mp3 collection.

    What i did was copy everything from Drive A and pasting it on Drive B. However, at the end of it, Windows 7 have prompted me for what i wanted to do with the files that were not copied over due to Administrator permission ( god knows why Vista and 7 do this). So, i skipped them all at once instead of going through all of them.

    Now im curious as to which files they were. What is the easiest way to find out other than copying them over again and wait about an hour just to find out whcih files were not copied over.

    i hope my question made sense...

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    Default Re: copying from Drive A to Drive B... but

    if u literally want to copy everything , get acronis true image home edition... it will image the whole drive quickly with a few presses of a button.. its a 30day trial so if u like it buy it...

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    Default Re: copying from Drive A to Drive B... but

    There are a couple utilities that can do this for you. A quick google search comes up with Windiff (Windiff free download - Microsoft support tool,Compare files folders) and DirDiff (Download DirDiff Free - Folder comparing tool for discovering differences between directories - Softpedia). I've not used either of these programs personally, though.



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