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    Default Upgrading CPU (UX50v-RX05)

    I'm helping a friend pick out a laptop. She wants a combination of good battery life, decent performance, and prettiness. (Backlit chiclet keyboard and lots of lights are a plus for her. She's just like that)

    So I was at Best Buy, and I noticedUX50v-RX05. It's 105m beats out her HP's GMA4500 (well, duh) and she's noticed she can't play Sims 3 or Left 4 Dead very well on that computer. Anyway.

    It looks like a decent buy for her budget, but the only problem that I see is that it has a damned solo processor.

    Going to Best Buy's online store I noticeUX50v-A1 has the same chipset, and it packs an SU9400. I did some researching, and it looks like the chipset (GS45) can also utilize higher-clocked C2Ds.

    So I'm wondering, would, say, an SP9400 be able to work in the RX05 model? I know the chipset and socket supports it, but does the mobo revision and BIOS also allow it?

    And the reason I'm posting this in the upgrade section is, well, she seems very taken with the RX05... If I can get a processor to work in it. If it gets to work, she gets a better compuer and I get to monkey around with something.

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    Default Re: Upgrading CPU (UX50v-RX05)

    There is no need to create a new thread for the proc upgrade question as it relates to the notebook(besides, it clutters up the forum).

    Continue discussion in your previous thread:
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