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    Default What cable to connect laptop to TV?

    I want to connect my laptop to the TV to watch youtube videos. My laptop has VGA output but no S-video. The TV has the yellow-red-white inputs (not sure how you call them ... RCA maybe?)

    What cable do I need for the connection?

    Any suggestion on where to buy?


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    Default Re: What cable to connect laptop to TV?

    Buy a VGA to S-Video adapter then just use a standard S-Video cable to connect your laptop to TV.
    You can find one of these on ebay for something like 0.99$, add to it 2.5$ for shipping and here you go

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    Default Re: What cable to connect laptop to TV?

    Hi there,

    Here's what you do:
    1) You should use a S Video cable. You need to have an S Video socket on your TV and Laptop.
    2) Connect all three (the laptop, cable and TV) together.
    3) Sometimes on a laptop you have to press a function key and another key that switches between your laptop screen and the TV.
    4) Also, some TVs require you to switch to a laptop / computer mode as well.

    Also, if you do not have a S-Video connector on your laptop or TV, but have a Composite (usually this is a yellow, red and white connector), you can get a S-Video to composite Video converter cable.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: What cable to connect laptop to TV?

    you can buy an adapter for VGA to s video from online. If your tv is like plasma or LCD. It should have the VGA port on the tv. If your tv is the older ones then you wouldve better be off with composite or s video converter.
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