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    Default how to remove scratches on screens?

    I have a lenovo t60 - 14.1." TFT NON-GLOSSY

    my keyboard has managed to scratch the sceen when it's shut with a bunch of very minute indentations on the screen. i have tried cleaning with alcohol - they don't go away.

    is there any way to "buff" out scratches on the sceen? has anyone done this? how about 3000 or 4000-grit sandpaper?

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    Default Re: how to remove scratches on screens?

    Physical scratches are not gonna be removed by a cleaning solution...

    You won't be able to buff anything out. If you use sandpaper on it, it will first of all scratch the rest of the surface and then destroy your screen.

    You're best and only bet is to get a new one.
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    Default Re: how to remove scratches on screens?

    I think using sandpaper to buff out scratches is a bad idea, your just end up with a cloudy part on your screen. Your better off just leaving it or using a laptop screen cleaner and a microfibre cloth first...
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    Default Re: how to remove scratches on screens?

    If you are so conscious of the scratch then u can get the entire screen replaced but it will be expensive as it ll be done by third party.... I have had a friend who did this

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    Default Re: how to remove scratches on screens?

    Jus get those clear adhesive plastic films being sold and put it on the screen. This will prevent your keyboards from damaging your screen. A NEW screen costs a lot.

    As with the existing scratch, if that's not too disturbing for you, leave it.

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    Default Re: how to remove scratches on screens?

    Something comes to mind about this. It may sound a bit far fetched but it might work.

    What happens if you try using the same stuff they use to get scratches out of eye glasses? They are both glass/plastic so if the product works on eye glasses it might work on LCD monitors.

    I don't know if its all just marketing but if you search google theres a lot of different stuff.
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