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    Default Gateway NV79 Unexpected Shutdowns

    Hi all,

    I have had my NV79 for probably about a year, give or take a few months. First off, up until I had these problems, I was a big fan of the laptop. When operating correctly it is fast and efficient. But back to my problem...

    A couple months ago, my laptop just started dying on me randomly. No shut down sequence or anything. It simply shuts off instantly. This happened every now and then, so no big deal. I assumed it was just overheating from excessive use. However, as time went on, the shut offs became more and more frequent. It is now to the point that my laptop will not stay powered on longer than 15 minutes. I have cleaned it out with compressed air, and at this point I've almost ruled out overheating because the case doesn't even get a chance to become warm before the system shuts off.

    I've already purchased a new laptop, and would just like to have this one in working condition so that I can sell it. Does anyone know what the problem is, or what I can do to fix it? I'm getting really frustrated with this whole situation now. Time to call in the experts (aka you guys).

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    Default Re: Gateway NV79 Unexpected Shutdowns

    Having the exact same problem except less frequent shutodowns gonna try cleaning it out with compressed air, have an uncle who bought the same kind of laptop on the same day and his is fine but he hardly moves it from its desk as it is connected to a wired internet connection



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