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    Default Reformatting a Gateway NV79C47u Laptop

    I recently bought a Gateway NV79C47u and I want to know how to reformat the laptop. I have seen some posts about reformatting and how it makes your laptop run faster, so I want to know how to do it. I am scared that I might get rid of important software. Thanks

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    Default Re: Reformatting a Gateway NV79C47u Laptop

    The easiest way to reformat your laptop and not worry about losing any programs, drivers, etc that came with it when new is to use the recovery CD's (you do have recovery CD's, don't you?) that came with it. In fact, unless you have a copy of Windows, you'll ONLY be able to use the recovery CD's! If you bought the laptop new and don't have any recovery CD's, there should be an option somewhere on the desktop or in the Start menu to create them. Recovery CD's will reformat your HDD and restore your PC to the exact state it was in when it was sold by Gateway. If you'd prefer, and you have a seperate copy of Windows, you can install Windows and then look for updated drivers for any hardware that has missing or old drivers on Gateway's website.

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