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    Default SiSandra Alternative?

    I just got my second P-7811FX refurb yesterday from Tigerdirect Canada and have been stress testing it. I get the 98C tzs0 problem sadly, but it's not a big deal to me I think in the end. However, I'm currently looking for any alternatives to SiSandra's burn-in test that tests the different components of the computer. I tried downloading Everest but only got the trial ultimate version and still wasn't sure what tests I should be running in it to stress the computers different parts. If anyone knows any other alternate all-encompassing programs for stress testing various parts and whatnot, it'd be really appreciated if you could give ideas and what tests in said programs to run.

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    you can try OCCT 2.0a, or prime 95, or Sp2004, though those are mostly cpu/mem load testers
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