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    Default amd radeon hd 6630m vs intel hd 3000

    Does AMD card provide significantly better graphics? Im choosing between two notebooks and it has come down to this

    Edit: The AMD card has 2 gigs.

    And do you think the Intel graphics will provide better battery life even though the AMD laptop has switchable graphics?
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    Default Re: amd radeon hd 6630m vs intel hd 3000

    Yes. You can expect a 70-100% increase in performance with the 6630M. It's a huge difference.

    See here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-H...0.37948.0.html and here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Rad...M.43963.0.html

    And no, the HD 3000 should not provide significantly more battery life if the 6630M is switchable (all else being equal).

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    Default Re: amd radeon hd 6630m vs intel hd 3000

    I use SB with 6630m and intel 3000 and at 720p the intel runs things at low settings @30fps and the AMD discrete runs at max settings >30fps. The differences can be quite notable in some games and as you scale up the resolution further (1600x900, for example) the differences should become more obvious.

    The AMD graphics is discrete and requires separate power to run than the integrated intel graphics, which shares TDP with the CPU. This will obviously have a negative impact on battery life, but the 6630m isn't too power hungry, so you could probably get 2-4 hours gaming on it in my experience.
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