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    Default Steam Games in Window mode

    I bought the ID superpack over the weekend for $35. My question is that not all of the games have a window mode in the options...and even some that do won't actually start in it(Doom 3). Is there a preffered way or easy way to run the games windowed. I want to do this because I have a 22" @ 1680x1050 and these games don't support that resolution and I don't want it stretched so bad.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Steam Games in Window mode

    have you tried changing the ratio and then setting the resolution? The box usually defaults to standard 4:3 ratio.
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    Default Re: Steam Games in Window mode

    There should be a way to force windowed mode. Have you right clicked on the icon/shortcut, and put "-w" (without quotes) in the properties line for the game? I think it's -w. Try googling "whatever-game-you-want windowed mode option" (again, without quotes) and see what you get.
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