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    Default Intel x3100 Graphics Driver Update

    Intel have some new drivers for the x3100. Released on 9th May 2007.

    This link is Vista Home Premium

    XP Professional

    If anyone has a compatible notebook, have they tried these, and do they make any difference?

    Does it make any difference to gaming? E.g. Increased title support?
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    Default Re: Intel x3100 Graphics Driver Update

    I was wondering if this update now enabled hardware T&L support, but the release notes say nothing at all other than it being an initial reference driver release.

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    Default Re: Intel x3100 Graphics Driver Update

    I don't think those are new drivers for the GMA X3100. They look like the only drivers available for the GMA X3100. Probably exactly the same as the standard 14.29 driver just that it installs on the GM965 now.
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    Default Re: Intel x3100 Graphics Driver Update

    those drivers are actually old, their the same ones as the X3000 drivers released back on April 18, 2007.

    You can find newer drivers for Vista here (

    still no h/w t&l or vertex shaders, but it comes with more bug fixes
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