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  1. ViktorV
    ViktorV Reciever
    Hello! I want to update my Clevo p750zm to a GTX1070m Zotac card, I ran into a problem, after installing this card, the laptop starts up and gives an image, but after about 30 seconds it turns off, maybe you can tell me what the problem might be. Thanks in advance!
  2. liteon6x
    liteon6x dglt
    Hi, I saw you got a repalcement Lenovo laptop

    Did you get the repalcment bios modded

    if so Where did you get it done : win raid or bios
  3. dglt
    ive done it in the past but since then i'm unable to regardless of what i tried.
  4. Fungus99
    Fungus99 Maxware79
    I'm in Australia too that's why I contacted you in the first place. Do you have a m18x r2?
    1. Maxware79
      Ahh that's good then. Where abouts are you? Yeah I've got a few R2's that I'm working on
      Feb 14, 2021
  5. liteon6x
    liteon6x mikolaj612
    Hi my friend I would love the gsync mod on my lenovo 5i 240hz

    thank you
  6. liteon6x
    liteon6x dglt
    Hi my friend do you knoiw how to enable gsync on the lenovo 5i
    that has compatable hardware but ids hidden by lenovo bios?
  7. liteon6x
    liteon6x mikolaj612
    Good day my friend, can your gsync bios mod be done on the Lenovo 5 i7 10750h 2060 240hz model?
  8. Fungus99
    Fungus99 Maxware79
    Hi, i was recommended by a fellow member that you have a large collection of retro alienware laptops. I'm after a aw m17x r2 but the only that's one sale with the right specs is a member oferseas and he's not willing to a gamble to ship such a heavy machine overseas.
    1. Maxware79
      It will be very difficult to find one that is in mint condition with a working battery. If I move all the components over to the silver chassis then it will be very close to mint but there's a lot of work involved. I also have a spare 920XM CPU I could put in it. I'd also have to transplant a few rubber feet from one to the other. Unfortunately me being in Australia would make shipping very expensive.
      Feb 8, 2021
  9. WalkerInTheMoon
    WalkerInTheMoon Reciever
    thank you again for sharing this,
    I misread and misunderstood too

    besides that, I took a look at the 1060 and
    there is different models and prices (like the expensive MS 1WOU1 priced like a 1070)

    Can I take anyone that is for Dell Alienware, or MSI?
    1. Reciever
      Make a thread and share your information there
      Feb 6, 2021
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  10. seanwee
    DMs open on questions regarding laptop shunt modding
    1. NORD
      Hello, can you please help me about shunt mod to my Clevo rtx 2070 mxm with 115w TDP. I’m really noob about this electrical things. Thank you.
      Feb 17, 2021
    2. seanwee
      Feb 18, 2021