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  1. espmic86
    espmic86 TheGuiltyFlea
    hi mate i got an aero 15 oled with 2070 max q and trying to find an higher TDP and frequencies bios, found only razer's one on techpowerup database but gives problems running the videocard, strange clocks and low performance (10 fps).
    Which bios did you use?
  2. Hristomir Hristov
    Hristomir Hristov kimutler
  3. Leandro Lopes
    Leandro Lopes jotm
    I saw this advice from you in some random post: " ..attach a copper sheet with holes (as thick as possible) to the end of the heatsink before the fan intake using thermal paste ..."
    Could you point me to some thread, instructions or pictures of how i should do it? I have an msi withy insane clocks on it's gtx 1070, it is beating 1080 ti benchmarks, but it is toasty as hell. and i'm using liquid metal. lol.
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  4. mike26668
    mike26668 Prmt
    and thats us dollars offcourse
  5. mike26668
    mike26668 Prmt
    i see they could fit a m17x r4 but than i have to dremel and do a lot of things to get it fit.........i need to think about it i did not she the shape good enough i guess. but if the price is right i might do it....325 incl shipping i think i could do it. but than i would like to pay in 2 times but wil do that the same hour offcourse( because of tax ).
  6. niffcreature
    niffcreature Galm
    Hey there. Are you open to shipping the Clevo/powerspex 1520 laptop, or local pickup only?
    1. Galm
      Oh shipping only, not local pick up. Thank you for catching that, that was an error from the template. Shoot me a DM about it!
      Jan 29, 2020
    2. Galm
      @niffcreature Tagging just because I'm not sure if comment replies tag on profiles.
      Jan 30, 2020
  7. ChrisSky
    Update:Disabled the m.2(wifi) but machine still auto shutdown,
  8. ChrisSky
    Update : usb3(or sata) on m.2 does recognize.Unfortunately,it create network loop (cause by wifi module) and auto shut down.
  9. ChrisSky
    Update : the m.2 to pcie x4 doesnt work
  10. Hirosake
    Hirosake Maxware79
    oh..on alienowners i told virax_clone about msi for quick ;)
    1. Maxware79
      Yeah I saw that. I'm not too stressed since it may not be worth upgrading this other machine (depending on what I can get the card for). I may just repaint it and flip it for a quick buck
      Jan 20, 2020
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