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  1. sswan28
    How is it that I'm 17 and I have more computers than my high school computer lab?
  2. eddi3x3x3
    eddi3x3x3 t456
    Hey I saw an old post you made about scripting some things for throttlestop and was wondering if I can talk to you a bit more about that. I want to have some pre-defined throttlestop profiles that I want to switch between using scripts (dynamically based on workloads rather than a shortcut) but I understand that throttlestop doesn't have a command line interface or anything that can be scripted.
  3. Mauserk98
    Mauserk98 jaybee83
    @jaybee83 Hi bro how are you doing i hope u're doing well i came to ask you about any progress or any futtur project with Quadroo P5200 mxm ?
    1. jaybee83
      Hey buddy, the P5200 is still WIP haha, haven#t cancelled it yet. just that RL is keeping me busy and I'm still collecting funds. stuff keeps breaking down on me and needs replacing, so always something else that costs money, ugh....
      Oct 20, 2019 at 2:06 AM
  4. cvtlms
    cvtlms majster msi
    1. majster msi
      majster msi
      Oct 21, 2019 at 7:21 AM
  5. cvtlms
    cvtlms tanzmeister
    hi @tanzmeister i have a barabone clevo p870dm-g and 980m sli.I bought a msi 1070 mxm card.İ removed 980m cards then i placed msi 1070 card i start my computer but no display whats problem?İ use stock bios
  6. Dannemand
    Dannemand Frank Omel Hansen
    Hej Frank. Velkommen til NBR :)
  7. DkmCd
  8. Rahego
    Than it might be wrong vBIOS. Try to update vBIOS to correct g-sync one.
  9. unreall
    unreall Rahego
    hey :)
    i have flashed the 9th gen bios from @dsanke but still no gsync any suggestions?
    graphics driver new installed 430.xx / bios set to default but no luck
  10. Rahego
    Wrong BIOS. U should get the one for 9th gen but not RTX one. Regular GTX 9th gen from other topic.