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  1. Fabietto
    Alienware Area 51m I9 9900K - Rtx2080 - 970 Pro 512gb - 970 Evo plus 1TB-850 Pro 512gb-32gb DDR4 2666 Mhz-1080p 144 Hhz G-Sync-Wifi 6 AX1650
  2. Gounette
    Gounette nofate
    Hi there . I've got an Area-51 m17x pre-dell and looking for the old command center ( 1028 ? or sooner ) . Do you have one to spare please ? Many thanks !
  3. spacebar311
    currently lookiing to upgrade my m6700 to a m5000m and fix my dell 7567
  4. 1GreyGhost1
  5. 1GreyGhost1
    I feel like turning to the dark side!
  6. unreall
    unreall Rahego
    did u see my last post is that the correct display?
  7. evenflow153
    evenflow153 Charles P. Jefferies
    Hi. My Birthday is incorrect. Could you fix this or not?
    1. Charles P. Jefferies
      Sep 6, 2019
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  8. Notebookbackbreaker
    That weirdo that yo mama warned you about!
  9. Tristram13
    A day without sunshine is like night
  10. evenflow153
    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! it’s a random pixilated guy making hot dogs in a game