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  1. Pfdd
    Pfdd aliensony
    hey, you still have the clevo w110er? i want to buy it :)
  2. Braxton
    Braxton iunlock
    Hi there iunlock! I just had a quick question about liquid-metalling the Razer Blade Advanced (RTX lineup). I keep finding mixed information about the makeup of the heatsink/vapor chamber, the longevity of the LM application, etc.

    I'd probably only LM the CPU, and keep my Kryonaut on the GPU (RTX 2070), but I'd love to hear some recommendations from you. I can compensate you for your time too, if needed.

  3. ToughbookGeek96
    how every how many computers i buy i do cleaning. yay goo gone and paper towels
  4. sidworld
    Astrophysicist & Astrobiologist
  5. odin2free
    Still Breathing with room to be Happy
  6. ChrisSky
    Testing egpu on w650kk1
  7. SlashNLennon
    SlashNLennon scarletfever
    Sir good afternoon. I would just like to inquire since we both have the same unit. Its pb71ef-G/np8371.. do you also experience power limit throttling on your unit?
    1. scarletfever
      On the GPU? Yes I do but that is by design because of GPU boost.
      May 21, 2019 at 12:01 PM
  8. warcobra
    Excited about new tech of all sorts.
  9. ToughbookGeek96
    i need and want a m34 and cf-25
  10. Brenden Weaver
    Brenden Weaver TheReciever
    Hey if your wx7100 is functional I would like to buy it off of you.
    1. TheReciever
      I intend to sell it but I won't know until the vda arrives from China. I'll pm you when I get it and test the card.
      May 5, 2019
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    2. Brenden Weaver
      Brenden Weaver
      Sounds good thanks! I never did the Taobao thing would rather buy one off NB anyways.. you know it would go to a good home.
      May 6, 2019
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