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  1. sesshomaru
  2. FluffyQuido
    FluffyQuido lKinder_Bueno
    Hey, I saw you were working on a better version of the Gaming Centre for the TongFang GK5CN6X. Are there any updates to this?
  3. liosafe
    liosafe MahmoudDewy
    hello I have Nvidia 980M from cCevo can sell it as well if you interesting
  4. Clamyboy74
    gimme rtx 2060 mech g2r
  5. ALLurGroceries
    Your IP address has been logged and ground into a pulp and now it's a grocery bag.
  6. jrbauerjr
    jrbauerjr User32
    I saw that you have the recovery partition for a CF-19 MK-7, I wonder if I could get a copy of it.. I got a recovery disk from Heartland but it has a bad sector and I hate to buy another..
    Jim Bauer
  7. Atom Ant
    Atom Ant davidricardo86
    Hey Buddy! How is it going? Have not heard from you for long time!
  8. Atom Ant
    Atom Ant HTWingNut
    Hey Wingnut! Have not seen you for a quite while. How are you doing?
  9. iunlock
    iunlock XcsTasY
    Thanks, added.
  10. iunlock
    iunlock XcsTasY
    Hello there, do you have discord by any chance?
    1. XcsTasY
      Hey mate, im so glad I heard back from you!
      Yes I do, its Xcstasy #8050
      Feb 9, 2019