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    Hello Vente Hardware ! (Luca BORRUTO)
    Hello Vente Hardware !
  4. Borost
    Borost Danishblunt
    This guy waited for me about 1 hour to connect with him on teamviewer and helped me through my turtle speed internet without bothering. He undervoltaged (which i had no idea it was possible) my hot 92C reaching gtx870m to stay it cool around 80C. He is like robinhood of this forum. And i am pretty sure there is more guys like him.

    I cannot thank you enough. I wish you best of luck. Always!
  5. praetorianx
    praetorianx asm1
    Hello there)
    Do you, by any chance, still have that GT75 recovery image?
    Thanks and sorry for posting here. Can’t figure out pm thingy still.
    1. asm1
      Nope, sorry. Never had it. Always build my own.
      Nov 14, 2018 at 12:51 PM
  6. Clevobest
    Clevobest DaMafiaGamer
    Hey man,i just install the last bios on my p870km1 and now is starting but only i get blackscreean and than restart again and again,i want reflash the bios but i have no ideea where is this bios chip!!!I found something with 8 pins but iam not shure if this is the right chip,on this chip is this T51P 9661-25 and hes location is under the keyboard,can you help me in some ways???Thanks
    1. DaMafiaGamer
      You have to disassemble the complete motherboard, bios chip is located directly underneath touchpad. There will be a 8 pin bios chip with a mark on it. Flash with the red wire of the clip facing the small circle on the side of the chip (pin 1 basically has to join red wire).

      Hope this helps!
      Nov 13, 2018 at 2:12 PM
    2. Clevobest
      I will try this,but i'm not sure i will succeed!!I am beginner in this bios reflash!!I have no idea what kind of tools i need,or else,maybe i will sell the laptop and give up,but thank you anyways.
      Nov 13, 2018 at 2:57 PM
  7. youngisland
    youngisland ZaZ
    Skip it. Just saw the memory is soldered.
  8. youngisland
    youngisland TheReciever
    Skip it. Just saw the memory is soldered.
  9. youngisland
    youngisland TheReciever
  10. youngisland
    youngisland ZaZ