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  1. THEBOSS619
    No time to even breath...
  2. clevo-extreme
    We have only something SPECIAL for NBR - Tech Inferno Users - just let us know before you order!
  3. Whoflungdung
    Whoflungdung Mangix if you still need it sry i don,t come here much.Ill change my email if i get bugged in a heatbeat
    1. Mangix
      I saw this a bit late. I sent an email.
      Oct 21, 2018 at 1:23 PM
  4. neol
    neol ShineGlizzy
    You are a scammer, everyone please be aware of this guy and do not deal with him.
  5. Jaces9900
    Jaces9900 woodzstack
    i just bought one of your laptops , lol , it has no moved to Portage In, thought it would be cool to track ... lol i bought it from a guy in Ft Wayne In , this last weekend , it is a p750tm1-g , has a i5 8600k had kignston ram 2x8gb , as well a gtx 1080 ... been reading a bunch of your post seem to be pretty decent on here just wanted to say hi
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    2. woodzstack
      Oh yeah the guy, Erik I think told me he sold it, heard you got an amazing price. He wants a desktop now I think.
      Oct 2, 2018
  6. kela777slk
  7. Whoflungdung
    hey anyway i can send this kid a programmer without beiing identified
  8. Sopey15
    Sopey15 Buffalord
    I saw one of your posts mentioning the headphone and speaker volumes on the GS65. Did you ever find a solution to that? I'm trying to get my headphones to show up as their own device so I can have separate volumes when the headphones are plugged in and unplugged.
  9. ScruffyITA
    Clevo P870km i5 6600, gtx 1070 8gb, 16gb g.gkill 2666, 1tb crucial mx500 m2, 1tb wd 2.5, 500gb seagate 2.5 , 17.3 FHD.
  10. burak taşdemir
    burak taşdemir DH48
    hi, i need your help bro. i have g73sw and dell 6970m 2gb mxm module. how can i edit my main bios? thanks :)