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  1. Raphandryu
  2. 52571abc
    52571abc KrackDaddyKane
    You can try flash p870dm2 on dm3
  3. Talzam
    To infinity and beyond
  4. mediadoctor
    mediadoctor aznxwill
    Can you upload vBios ?
    Big thanks
  5. TimDaniels
    I'm still around.
  6. TimDaniels
    I'm still around.
  7. Damin
    Always upgrading
  8. Muezick
    Muezick iunlock
    Something I've been curious about. Is LM like other pasted in that you can usually set it and forget it for awhile or does it need some kind of maintenance?
  9. Dennismungai
    Dennismungai Papusan
    Man, your avatar's background story is hilarious! Thanks for the highlight! :-)
  10. Jaces9900
    Jaces9900 Meaker@Sager
    had a question as i am asuming to buy one with a i7 8086k @4.0 stock and a gtx 1080 with 4k , how do you think temps would be ....??? to small for the 1080 ? should i do a 1070??