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  1. DaMafiaGamer
    I hope to become the youngest well known laptop modder
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  2. Gamos
    Gamos DMTwo
    Hello sir, could you help and give me answer, would gt60 16f3 (lvds) work with 970m (g-sync ver)? I already had 51x bios, and I already modified drivers for Clevo card, so I know how to do it
  3. varunreeves
    varunreeves Talon
    Hello Talon,
    I was looking at your current post about the clevo and was hoping to pm you and talk about it. Please let me know how best to communicate or leave me a pm. Thanks
  4. gt83vr6reHelp
    gt83vr6reHelp B0B
    HMScott sent me your way. I'm currently overclocking my MSI GT83VR-6RE Laptop. I'm not sure if I have found the sweet spot for my GPUs. In MSI afterburner i've added +210 to the core clock and +200 to memory. Keeps my clock around 2k. HMScott mentioned something about undervolting the GPU for better performance. MSI afterburner won't allow me to touch any voltage settings as they are all greyed out.
  5. OliverL87
    PCS Recoil II | i7 8750H | 2x8 GB HyperX DDR4 2666MHz CL 15 | GTX1060 6GB | Samsung 970 Evo 500GB | Crucial MX 500 1TB | Seagate 500 GB
  6. scpres
    I love tough windows Tablet. I own 1 Surface Pro 3 2 Toughbook CF 19, Motion F5t and R12.
  7. Brent R.
    Brent R. Grant B Gibson
    today I am hunry
  8. r0tati0n
    r0tati0n SHEEPMAN!
    you should put the power pull reset into your signature....
  9. jimsteve80
    jimsteve80 Kristian Lalic
    hi. are you getting the 1070 hp dc from uk website? do post how your experience and feedback please, i plan to get the same in 2 weeks. did you look at any other laptops?
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    2. jimsteve80
      cool// am getting the laptop for abt 1400 pounds// hows the thermals looking after updating the bios?
      Jul 18, 2018 at 9:06 AM
    3. Kristian Lalic
      Kristian Lalic
      Well, I would say stable. I have not got a chance to actually use it for games since I am waiting for the Omen Reactor mouse too. I tried using the Throttlestop benchmark stress and the results were okay, highest was 86C with good fan response.
      Jul 18, 2018 at 5:27 PM
    4. jimsteve80
      oh mid 80s and not hitting 90s is great. especially for the life of the laptop. I am thinking of getting a vacuum cooler too. it may help lower it by couple of degrees
      Jul 18, 2018 at 9:42 PM
  10. hacktrix2006
    @Phoenix Noticed you are having issues with GT75 8RF image links being dead, i have a copy i can link to. DM me