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  1. rocas
    rocas woodzstack
    Good morning,
    I saw in the forum that she sells graphics cards,
    I would need 1 quote for 2x 980m gtx suitable for alienware m18x r2 thanks.

    In the estimate also put Swiss shipping costs.

    sorry for english taken from google
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    2. woodzstack
      I will send you a PM.
      May 26, 2018 at 2:53 PM
  2. Normimb
    15 r4. 8750H cpu, 1070 GTX, 1080 ips g-sync.
  3. akis
    akis XMG

    I would like to buy the Zenith 17 but have a few questions which I have sent by email to

    I can repeat here if you wish

  4. DylRicho
    DylRicho Charles P. Jefferies
    Thank you for the reputation! :)
  5. DaMafiaGamer
    DaMafiaGamer Khenglish
    Hi, I wanted your advice on putting this panel: NV184QUM-N21 into an alienware 18. Yes it is a 18.4'' 4k eDP lcd (40 pin) and yes the alienware 18 only has 4 channel lvds. Is there anyway a modified pcb from aliexpress can be used to get a 4k signal from any display connector on the motherboard.
    Only asking you as you got 4k working on a your clevo laptop, you did the impossible literally!
    1. DaMafiaGamer
      I'm good with soldering and have nothing to loose so go ahead with some of your ideas.
      May 21, 2018 at 7:05 PM
  6. WiredBrain
    WiredBrain user_123
    So if I comprehend correctly, I must also have another hdd/ssd with the nvme.txt bootloader file in order for the system to load windows from the nvme m2 ssd? (the same thing I had to do with the probook) Or after the initial boot and info "uploaded", can I boot windows without the other hdd/ssd inserted?
    Can you confirm if the Feb 2018 updated firmware/BIOS from HP fixed the m2 pcie boot issue?
  7. Aristotelhs2060
    Aristotelhs2060 iunlock
    Any plans to give us a guide for Alienware 17 R5. Dell/alienware still provides temps of 90 and over.
  8. Convel
    Convel Papusan
    I broke the 420 character limit too. I miss the PMs of the vBulletin era :/
  9. GrinningColossus
    Owner of Clevo/Sager P650HS-G (PowerSpec 1510) (i7-7700HQ, GTX1070, 16GBRAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, G-sync 60hz)
  10. GrinningColossus
    Owner of Clevo/Sager P650HS-G (PowerSpec 1510)