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  1. ekm9311
    To infinity and beyond
  2. newlich
    newlich judal57
    Hi Judal,

    Could you share the thread link for undervolt AW15 R1 tutorial? Thank-you.

  3. Firefox@yami
    Male , 18 , vietnam . Computer noob . Noob gamer who is okay with a 2$ mouse .
  4. FTW_260
    FTW_260 qwerty8224
    Распугал тему твикера русским языком)
  5. patkiller99
    Asus K53SV i7 2630Qm 750GB 16GB Upgrades : eGPU EVGA GTX 1060 FTW+, Cooler master hyper T2 Future Upgrades : i7 2860Qm or i7 2960Xm
  6. zakazak
    zakazak XMG
    Hey there,
    I am from Europe (Austria) and interested in buying a Schenker Key 15. How ever, I have a few questions:
    1. There are no reviews about it online?
    2. What the usual battery life time (honest values please)?
    3. Is there a chance to get a discount (student, NBR, I write a review?)?
    Maybe you can contact me via private msg / mail / phone in order to discuss this?
  7. qwerty8224
    P870DM-G Braked bios/i5 6600k@4.4 /MSI GTX1060 TDP 140W 1920/9000mem /2xsamsung 850pro
  8. don_svetlio
  9. Fungus99
    Fungus99 woodzstack

    I was wondering if you're are able to perform GPU upgrades and flash the necessary modded bios/heatsink if I send my machine over. I don't have much knowledge of computer hardware.
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    2. woodzstack
      Yes, absolutely !
      Jan 13, 2018 at 2:48 PM
  10. wagnard
    DDU Developer