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  1. Fastdriver023
    Fastdriver023 ntsekov
    Hi, do you still got that bios for MSI GX623 with unlocked ram settings?
  2. Fastdriver023
    Fastdriver023 maxslo
    I have MSI laptop, GX623 MS1651, got a 4870 MXM III HE gpu from asus w90vp.
    I tryed almost every vbios for it to work. Did a blind flash and checked that my flash is ok, but I still got black screen, and rgb lines on external monitor.
    I even tryed to modify the motherboard bios to unlock features, tryed to modify ati vbios. Nothing works.
    Dont you have any idea where might be problem?
  3. peekaboom
    peekaboom shleepy
  4. Lucifer Nymphetamine
    Lucifer Nymphetamine woodzstack
    Are you interested in exchanging 2x1, the SKY X9E3 that you sold me, and a Phather 5D that I bought from Eurocom for the new Sky X9E3 hexacore?
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    2. woodzstack
      That would be a great deal, but I'd have to essentially front half my working budget for one laptop to gamble on the resale (I rarely do used if ever, I only keep them for myself or sell to close friends family)

      So those two beasts are way out of my league.
      How much you want for one ?
      Nov 12, 2017
  5. Addicted2GamZz
    Addicted2GamZz iunlock
    how much is your repaste service for the AW 17 R4(i7 7820HK GTX 1080)? does the service include heat sink upgrade, and repadding etc.?
  6. Djadit
    Djadit SAiLO
    Sorry for bad english. After update driver nvidia i have delayed animation when spinning. And booting like a slow for 4-6second because a bug on nvidia driver after installing. I have clean install 3x and the result is same.after install one by one driver. When install nvidia the problem is come
  7. Djadit
    Djadit SAiLO
    Yes . After updating nvidia driver .
  8. Akaraah
  9. Djadit
    Djadit SAiLO
    After updating what, you have delayed boot logo ?
    1. SAiLO
      nvidia gpu driver.
      Nov 8, 2017
  10. Djadit