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  1. Sup3rKillaX
    Sup3rKillaX iunlock
    Hello iunlock im looking for repad/paste services on my AW 17 r4 with the 7700HQ and a gtx 1070 please add me to discord, which i sent you in conversation PM ty!
  2. Sup3rKillaX
  3. Danishblunt
    Danishblunt t456
    You are a beast dude. That post about the panel made me wet :D
  4. mayuk
    Waiting on PA71HP6-G
  5. c0xad
    c0xad Meaker@Sager
    Bro! can u link me the easiest way to update my Bios/ec , dont want to un-screw and reset the cmos battery. thanks!
    1. Meaker@Sager
      Go to your reseller and ask them to provide a file, flash it, remove the power cord (the main AC one) for 30 secs and then plug it back in. You should be good to go.
      Aug 16, 2017 at 4:33 PM
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  6. ares6
    ares6 shatteredx
    Hello good and seen that you have the same laptop that I with the same graph 980m and vbios prema v2 you can tell me where to download it I can not find it or if you can send it by mail
    Thank you
  7. c0xad
    c0xad south_valhalla
    y0 if u have any bios+ec for P670RS-G so please send it over to. , thanks bro!
  8. ares6
    ares6 mariussx
    Hello, I'm trying to find the vbios mod for the 980m and I already passed the link with Prema vbios mod and I would like to know if you also have svl7 that I can not download thanks
    1. mariussx
      Aug 17, 2017 at 8:52 AM
  9. NofearAngel
    It can always be made to perform better
  10. NTsoulS
    NTsoulS HMoss
    Hey we're you ever able to get the OLED display overclocked ?