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  1. Brahman05
    After giving up on intelligent conversations in forums, this forum is such a breath of fresh air,
  2. SNEuk
    SNEuk iunlock
    I've added you on Discord. Avid IT engineer & AW fan and buyer. Got the AW17R4/7820hk/1080/HYPERX2400-32/Raid0 with amp&1080 gamerock, and also bought the grizzly paste - but not done the repaste yet.
    1. Tyler Clark
      Tyler Clark
      Sorry for the piggyback post, but it wont let me post a new comment otherwise. I have a similar system, AW 17R4 with the 7820HK and GTX1080 that I would like a quote on.

      Discord is 8-Ball#1679

      Jun 28, 2017 at 12:56 AM
    2. iunlock
      Copy that. Adding now..
      Jun 28, 2017 at 1:55 AM
  3. Tony Palmer
    Tony Palmer TBoneSan
    HI could you spare a few minutes to discuss how you modded your Clevo with a vapor chamber?
  4. leeloyd
    leeloyd sarou
    Salut Sarou , comme tu as du le voir le forum de P4G est down. Blacksad a ouvert un Discord P4G comme radeau en attendant le nouveau Forum :
  5. kairess
    kairess iunlock
    Hello I using Alienware 17 R4 7820HK/GTX 1070

    I used Grizzly kryonaut, but I could see that the maximum temperature at gaming was 89 degrees. (Average temperature is 74 to 80 degrees)

    It was confirmed that the heat pipe was equipped with CCI.

    Is there a way I can do to lower the temperature?
  6. Toughbook
    Back in the saddle!
  7. jospoortvliet
    Recently moved from my 13" Samsung, NP900X3c, to a Dell XPS 13 Kaby Lake 9360 with core i7-7560U, 16gb ram and WONDERFUL battery life.
  8. xBane_
    xBane_ valuxin
    Hey, I noticed in your signature that you HTPC has a firepro w5170m. Isn't this a MXM 3.0-B card? If it is, how did you get it to fit? If it is a MXM 3.0-A card, then it's the most powerful one.
  9. ancientdrake
  10. Seiya Snows