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  1. vinceboiii
  2. gotta2know
    gotta2know Div033

    I just saw that you have posts regarding trying to turn the 7510 display into a touchscreen after originally having got one with non-touch display.

    Did you try that?

    Did that work?
  3. DontWorrys
    Peanut butter vibes
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  4. DontWorrys
    DontWorrys openglcg
    Thanks for the rep!
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  5. Ishazar
    Ishazar shadowyani
    In you testing of your AW13R3 can you please tell me what your GPU gets to at stock in heaven on a flat table or elevated after say 15 mins. Thank you, trying to judge just how normal my temps are, lots of info on CPU but GPU stats harder to find it seems.
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    2. shadowyani
      May 18, 2017 at 4:02 PM
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  6. schnoergsdalumaner
    980M in clevo p170em schenker xmg p702 pro --> 13D7.7102.1558 !
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  7. pabwmabi
    pabwmabi Athonline
    Hi Athonline, help!! I received my clevo P650 HS 2 days ago. I downloaded doom and everything seemed to be ok at the begining, but just after 15 minutes of playing, the CPU hit 92 degrees, and GPU 85. I am really really scared. Probably it is a bad termal paste? I had Heard a lot of good opinions about this machine temps but know i dont know what to think :S
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  8. pabwmabi
    pabwmabi Galm
    Hi Galm, help!!! I am really scared, just after 15 minutes of playing Doom, the CPU hit 92 degrees and GPU 85 (fans at max)

    I do not know maybe it is a bad termal paste?
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    2. Galm
      Seems like a bad paste job. I would probably read my comment left in the thread about contacting HID and running a stress test.
      May 16, 2017
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  9. GamingACU
    GamingACU HTWingNut
    Hey HT, been awhile. I'm currently looking for a new gaming/work/travel notebook (upgrading my MSI GE40). Just wondering what you think is the best gtx 1060/kabylake in a small form factor (13-15"). Been looking at the AW13/15, NP8050/8155, Asus FX502, and MSI GS43/GP62. Thanks for any feedback.
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  10. brainout