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  1. mobile96
    Clevo P170EM Radeon HD 7970M | i7 3630QM | 16GB DDR3-1600 | Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB | WD7500BPKT 750GB @ 7200RPM | Blu-Ray-Combo FOR SALE
  2. somms
  3. judal57
    ★★★★★ AW 15R1 | FHD | 4710Hq (3x) | GTX 970m 120W+ | 16GB HyperX 1600MHz | Firestrike 8345
  4. Derek712
    Derek712 iunlock
    Mind if I reference your AW 17 repasting guide on my review of the laptop? I plan on doing it myself as well.
  5. Shoutoutjt
    Shoutoutjt iunlock
    Hey iunlock! Could you make a tutorial for the LM repaste on the Asus g701? Receiving mine tmrw and wanted to do this. Also; any tips on overclocking? Wanted to make sure I do it right so I don't mess anything up. Thanks!!
  6. yutzybrian
    Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--
  7. Nechigawara
    Nechigawara jill3029
    Thanks fo following me!!
  8. cj_miranda23
    Looking for something meaningful.
  9. cj_miranda23
    Looking for a work where I'm the boss.
  10. Sabre27
    Sabre27 Prostar Computer