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    Default GeForce GTX 860M - opinions?

    What are your opinions on the GTX 860M (2GB) GPU? I am looking at the one in the MSI GS60 Ghost. How well will it run new and upcoming games? Looking to run them at high fps on medium to high graphics settings.

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    Default Re: GeForce GTX 860M - opinions?

    A quick search would get you a bunch of results. I've done quick reviews on two systems with that GPU (see my sig). It does pretty well. Plays Diablo 3 on high settings and gets 80-100 FPS typically, dipping to the 40s when in multiplayer with a whole bunch of stuff going on.

    You may want to look at reviews on the MSI - I've heard it runs really hot.

    But the 860m gives good performance for a reasonable price.

    In addition to my quick reviews, alaskajoel has posted a detailed review with more performance metrics here
    A review of the Lenovo Y50 | i7-4700HQ | GTX860m | 8GB DDR3 | 1TB WD Hybrid HDD | Intel 7260

    Some more information here
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M - NotebookCheck.net Tech



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