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    Default internet disconnects when lid closes....

    whenever i close the lid of my e1705, the (i'm not on wireless) internet connection automatically disconnects me. is there any option to disable that? my friend has a e1505 and doesn't have this problem. i just like to have the lid closed when i download big files overnight

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    Default Re: internet disconnects when lid closes....

    One thing you could try is this:

    Go to Control Panel> Power Options
    Then to the Advanced Tab>
    On the Bottom of the page it should say something like (When I close to lid of my computer)
    Select Do Nothing
    Then hit apply and your problems should be gone!
    Hope that works for yah.

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    Default Re: internet disconnects when lid closes....

    yea, you are probably going into standby mode when you close the lid. that will kill the internet connection alright. Airman's right, that should fix it.
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