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    Default Dell Inspiron Internal Speakers Not working!!!

    I need help!!! My dell internal speakers just stopped working last Wednesday morning. Tuesday they worked Wednesday they did not. Funny thing is the I can hear only when I use my headphones! I talked to dell (still under warranty thank goodness!) They had me sent my dell to the repair shop. GREAT YOU WOULD THINK! My computer just came back yesteday...still NO SOUND when I play music or anything! just through the headphones! I called dell and they said they replaced the motherboard and the speakers! I ran a Dignotic Hardware and when I played the speakers I heard sounds! So what could be the problem! I was on the phone with Dell for 3 hours yesterday! I updated the driver...still broken! we reboot my system so everything was erased and it was just like the day I got it...did that fix the problem?! of course NOT! Does anyone know what else I can do?! Dell isn't going to call me until Saturday to see what else I can do...and no the computer isn't just on mute the sound isn't on mute WMP isn't on mute! I don't understand what's going on PLEASE HELP!

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron Internal Speakers Not working!!!

    I had a similar issue with an XPS m1710. It turned out the speaker jack/port housing was shorting out on the chassis. Dell ended up replacing the motherboard. Could also be the bottom housing as well.

    The reason why you can hear audio over the speakers in the Diagnostic test is that its playing at a different rate (at least thats what the tech and I figured out). In anycase, its shorting/grounding out bro.

    Call them up and insist on a another motherboard and they might as well replace the bottom chassis as well. Don't let them give you grief and tell you its a software/driver problem. They tried that with me... lol

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron Internal Speakers Not working!!!

    hi tshielad, it just happened to my computer (xps m1210). jack was working very well but no sound from the internal speakers. Fortunately i have both xp and vista installed with dual boot config. This happened on Xp and first i thougt it was hardware problem but when i boot Vista, there was no problem. Then i checked all settings and now it's fixed (after two hours of angry work)

    On system mixer (this is where you can see all devices volume control such as line in mic etc.) click options menu and make sure "advanced settings" checked. Then below volume control slider (probably the first one on the left hand side) click on the advanced button and make sure "pc spk mute" option is not checked. There is another pc speaker volume control but it turned out this is different, this causes the problem while other one is not.

    Hope this works for your computer.



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