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    Default Dell System Restore on a new HD? (Inspiron 9300)

    So, I've got an Inspiron 9300 running XP Home. I'd like to replace the HD (the existing one is only 40 GB), but there's a catch: the machine didn't come with either a Windows CD or a system restore CD, but with Dell's on-disk system restore thing where they create a hidden partition with (what I understand to be) a Ghost image of the original installation. I've called Dell and they're shipping me the CDs, but I'd rather not wait until they arrive. So, the question:

    Is there any way for me to tweak the System Restore tool and make it affect a different drive? Alternatively, is there a way I can extract the system image from the current HD and burn my own system restore CD?


    (As an added bonus question: the HD currently in the machine is a 7200RPM ATA-6 HD. I can't seem to find any 7200RPM drives currently for sale - anyone know where to snag one? I'd like something 80GB or larger. If I have to settle for a 5400 RPM one, so be it.)

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    Default Re: Dell System Restore on a new HD? (Inspiron 9300)

    i would wait for the disks. They ship next day air so it shouldnt take long.

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    Default Re: Dell System Restore on a new HD? (Inspiron 9300)

    There's an alternative --you could use cloning software such as Acronis TrueImage to clone the existing drive, either to an image on another networked computer (and then restore it to the new drive using the same method), or put your new notebook drive in a 2.5" USB external enclosure and clone directly to it. Acronis TrueImage can also back up a complete HDD image by burning it to CD or DVD, spanning it across multiple discs.

    NewEgg.com and ZipZoomFly.com sell plenty of 7200rpm ATA-6 drives.
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