Quantcast Difference between 0.3MP and 2.0MP cameras (M1330)

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    Default Difference between 0.3MP and 2.0MP cameras (M1330)

    I was thinking of buying an M1330 sometime in the future and was tossing up between the option of the CCFL lit screen and the 2.0MP camera, or the LED lit screen with the 0.3 MP camera. Is the reduction in camera quality (which I would expect to use fairly often) worth it?

    I've heard that the 2.0MP camera has face tracking and is overall good quality feature-wise. Can the same be said for the 0.3MP camera or is it really just a tiny bonus with the LED screen? Any help appreciated - thanks!

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    Default Re: Difference between 0.3MP and 2.0MP cameras (M1330)

    The 0.3MP webcam in the LED backlit screen also does face-tracking and a whole bunch of neat things like motion detection, time lapse, sticking things over your face, etc. I have not had experience with the 2.0MP camera, but I was really impressed with the feature set and the quality of the 0.3MP one. If you really need the best sharpness and detail that you can get, you will probably want the 2.0MP webcam, but the 0.3MP camera is serviceable and anyone you're conversing with will be able to see you clearly enough.

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    Default Re: Difference between 0.3MP and 2.0MP cameras (M1330)

    Bandwidth wise the 0.3 is faster and shaper (less data to process) while streaming on net...
    Using it for Skype
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    Default Re: Difference between 0.3MP and 2.0MP cameras (M1330)

    Awesome, thanks. (Very helpful!)

    I would rather have the better lit screen as it's also thinner, lighter and better on battery and the 0.3MP camera sounds great anyway, puts my mind at rest!



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