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    Default Dell Inspiron 1520 DVD burner

    Ok these might be really stupid questions.. but I am pretty computer illiterate so please be patient with me. I have a DVD-RW drive. I am trying to burn an audio CD.
    1) Can I use a CD-R disc? I tried using a CD-R disc but my stereo system couldn't play it.
    2) What kinda of disc do I need to copy data or videos?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 1520 DVD burner

    Get a DVD+R/RW disk... to store files and videos to, (only difference is that the RW (re-writeable) disks...you can re-use, the regular "R" disks are one time use only in layman's terms)...you can use a regular disk to burn an audio cd.

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 1520 DVD burner

    IBM Thinkpad T60

    Quit PMing me with questions! Post in the forums!



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