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    Default Dell Latitidue D600 Factory Reset

    I recently purchased a Latitude D600 Laptop at a garage sale and was wondering if someone could help me reset it to factory settings. It seems to be overrun with viruses and I was told that I need to reset it to factory settings to remedy this. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Dell Latitidue D600 Factory Reset

    Did you get any recovery media with the system? If not, you could try using the PCRestore by Symantec partition on the hard drive.

    Go to Dell's support site for instructions and more information about PCRestore-http://support.dell.com/support/topi...D16&l=en&s=gen
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    Default Re: Dell Latitidue D600 Factory Reset

    Doesn't the D600 have a recovery partition which you could access by pressing a certain key at boot?
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