Quantcast Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop Harddrive crash--What to do next??

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    Default Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop Harddrive crash--What to do next??

    I got the blue screen of death, long story short: they sent me a new harddrive and now everything has been installed and done, but I need to send them back my old harddrive with stuff in it within 15days. What can I do now to see if I can recover some of the files from it? I heard there is some kind of usb unit where you can run the harddrive off it and then try to access the data from there. I dont know much about computers but I am wishing somebody could tell me that at least some easy ways to see if I can recover it. Otherwise I will just give up and send them the old harddrive. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop Harddrive crash--What to do next??

    What you need is a SATA to USB enclosure, like this one...

    Or it ASAP, and you might want to pay extra for shipping since you seem to have a short deadline for returning that drive.
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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop Harddrive crash--What to do next??

    Do you have access to a desktop PC with a SATA controller? If so then connect the laptop drive to one of the SATA channels on that PC and recover what you can. The laptop drive uses the same SATA data and power connectors as desktop SATA drives, so you should not need any adapters.



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