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    Default Dell 1720 - Slow Internet and sluggish performance

    Hey everyone,

    just got my 1720 3 days back. Love the screen and the build of the laptop. I got a C2D 1.8 GHz with 2 GB RAM, 8600m GT.

    FIrst thing i did when i got it was to do a clean install of vista home premium (I followed these instructions - Dell Vista Laptop Reformat and Bloatware Removal Guide)

    Well, i'm having 2 problems now

    1. Internet is acting weird. I have a 6 Mbps connection and download works fine. I checked my sped at www.speedtest.net and the download speed is fine but upload is much slower than my desktop, abt 300 kbps which is almost half of what it usually is. Download is around 6000 kbps. Problem is that pages take long to load up.but i dont have any problems when playing warrock online, no lag at all.

    2. also, the boot up takes pretty long, almost 2 min, and overall vista seems slugigish. But games work pretty nice. FAR CRY at max settings works perfectly. and FEAR at everything high except AA (2x), and shadows off works nice too, abt 40-50 fps. but vista itself and other applications seem slow.

    hope you guys have some suggestions. thanks

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    Default Re: Dell 1720 - Slow Internet and sluggish performance

    Here is a thread with a link to a page that has some suggestions to speed up vista:

    On my new dell 1520- How I speed up Vista cold boot- mine is 47 seconds from power button push to password login.

    Vista is a bit slower than XP for me. I hope service pack 1 for vista speeds it up a bit.




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