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    Default Computrace - bios

    Was looking through my BIOS and noticed the Computrace option.
    Once set to Enable or Disable it becomes permanent.

    So if I enabled it, and my laptop is stolen, could I then signup on the computrace website for $49/yr and then get it back for $50? Or does the computrace service need to be fully in effect before?

    Can't see how a person couldn't setup the service after it's stolen.
    The "permanent on" aspect of the BIOS is interesting.

    anyone else been considering this?

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    Default Re: Computrace - bios

    LoJack needs to be installed before a laptop is stolen. The BIOS option does not enable the software, it just lets the software use the BIOS once you choose to install it.

    It is a permanent setting so that thieves cannot undo it. Also, you need to run/install/setup the software from www.lojackforlaptops.com
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    Default Re: Computrace - bios

    And then there are a ton of 'what ifs' that would have to be addressed once they locate the system. Someone couldn't just walk in and say thanx for the laptop in Canada or the US....

    Timely notification of police, lojacks proof available for warrant, judge believing this in itself is sufficient (chuckle), warrant issued, police executing the warrant

    It all sounds very convenient but I would need to see it done it real life to believe it will be a successful system.

    Thousands upon thousands of wonderful looking SUVs with trackers are loaded into crates heading to the middle east weekly.

    Edit: Dont get me wrong as this could be a very valuable tool; in Canada at least there are an immense number of loopholes that have to be figured out before one can just knock on a door.
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