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    Default Intel 945GM, Dell or Intel drivers?

    Which driver would likely gain the best performance for a notebook using the 945GM chipset? Dell updated theirs this month and intel updated their's last month, and I have been unable to track down if dell's driver is based on intel's.

    Anyone have a suggestion on which one I should use?
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    Default Re: Intel 945GM, Dell or Intel drivers?

    DELL doesn’t write any drivers; actually they don’t even manufacture the notebooks they sell. They just rebrand everything. Therefore DELL’s graphics drivers (as all other drivers) are based on the original manufacturer’s driver (in this case Intel driver).

    However they restrict some features, maybe to make them more compatible and trouble free. They also put some sort of a lock on their drivers so that once you install the DELL gfx driver you cannot install the Intel driver (unless you format Windows).

    Intel updates their driver regularly but DELL only rebrand and releases a driver once in a while (only if there is a big change). Therefore, use Intel driver for better performance and features OR use DELL branded driver for better system stability (compatibility). Either way there isn’t much of a difference between the two.



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