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    I just received my new 8600 (1.8ghz, 80gb HD, 512 RAM, 128 video).
    While there is no hardcopy manual (which is fine) I assume that as is the case with most hardware, I need to charge it for X hours before initial use. You usually see some type of notice in the box about charging until the green battery light is steady instead of flashing, or charging it for X hours before use.
    Can someone confirm that these Dell laptops operate on the same principle, i.e. flashing green means still charging and solid green means fully charged?
    (Both my shaver and my PDA are counter-intuitive. They are solid green when charging and flash when they are fully charged!)

    Found the answer. Took a chance and booted up so I could read them pdf manual.

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    call or e-mail dell customer service. i received an owner's manual with my i8600. enjoy your new notebook!



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