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    Default About detaching the dvd drive from E4300

    How to detach the dvd drive from E4300? Can it be detached just like the HDD drive easily? Is there an air bay module (or a cover) for the hole of the dvd drive? thanks

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    Default Re: About detaching the dvd drive from E4300

    See the service manual for the removal instructions.

    I don't think there's a cover for the bay. Dell have had problems supplying the correst weight saver module for the E6400 but, as and when they sort this out, the module may also fit the E4300 is the burner is the same 9.5mm thickness.


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    Default Re: About detaching the dvd drive from E4300

    1 Close the display and turn the computer upside-down
    2 Remove the memory cover.
    3 Remove the M2.5 x 5-mm screw securing the optical drive to the system board. The screw is located in the center of the lower-left edge of the memory module compartment.
    4 Using a scribe, push on the tab that held the screw to slide the optical drive from its slot on the side of the computer.



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