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    Default E6500: How to lock Touchpad

    Hi friends...
    finally i got a DELL Latitude E6500
    it's not my first laptop but always i have problem with Touchpad when typeing
    is there any way to Lock/Stop using touchpad and Use normal Mouse.

    thanks a lote

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    Default Re: E6500: How to lock Touchpad

    Look in the notification area (the far right portion of the taskbar where the clock is) and double click on the small icon that looks like a touchpad. This should open the "Dell Touchpad" control panel.

    In the "Dell Touchpad" window, click on Device Select/Button Settings. Then put a check in the box at the bottom of the window called "Disable touchpad/pointing stick when external USB mouse is present."

    Click OK then close Dell Touchpad. You may see a balloon note stating that the touchpad has been deactivated. That's normal, and will disapper in a couple seconds (you can also just close the balloon note too)

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    Default Re: E6500: How to lock Touchpad

    there is also an option called "touch check" enable it and increase its sensitivity. its a software feature to "detect" if its your palm touching the touchpad or if its a finger.



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