Quantcast Whats the better Wi-Fi "N" card for Latitude D820?

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    Default Whats the better Wi-Fi "N" card for Latitude D820?

    I have a Dell D820 and it has the ABG intel card now.
    But the laptop has the 3rd antenna(not used now) and i want to buy a Intel Wireless "N" card.
    I looked and there seems to be a few diffrent ones out there.
    Intel 4965
    Wi-Fi link 5100
    Wi-Fi link 5300

    Some have Dell part #'s and some are just OEM intel cards.

    Whats the better card for the Dell D820?

    I'm thinking the 5100 is out because it only has 2 antenna connectors(my laptop has 3 antenna's.)

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    Default Re: Whats the better Wi-Fi "N" card for Latitude D820?

    4965 is an older version, but it has 3 antennas.

    The 5100 has 2;

    The 5300 has 3, with theoretical bandwiths of 450MB/s (from Intel specs), but at home, even with my Xtreme N Dlink I only get to 130mbps, as with my old 4965AGN.

    Anyway I have a 4965 AGN waiting to find a new home . PM me if interested. It definitely has 3 antennas so it would be able to connect to 300mbps. Just don't expect it with an intel card. Since N is still draft, you are still better with an all around solution for these speeds (same router and client card brand).



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