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    Default Dell D420 wireless card problems

    Hey guys, haven't logged on in a while. But i picked up a new portable notebook for the road. I got myself a refurbed latitude d420.

    Problem is that it was pre owned and I just reinstalled windows xp pro 2001 onto it. It boots up fine, but i'm pretty sure this notebook have an integrated wireless card. It isnt the new c2d model, it's just a centrino based model with 1.5gb of ram. Anyone have any idea how to get all the hardware working on this baby?

    help is much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Dell D420 wireless card problems

    wondering if anyone responded to this query? i also recently purchased a D420 from e-bay and no drivers were included when i received this. I tried to d/l the updated drivers from Dell but still can't get the internal WLAN card up and running..

    any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Dell D420 wireless card problems

    You have to make sure you get the right drivers. For the wireless there should be (at least) two. One for the intel card and one for the dell (broadcom) card.

    Here is a list of all the drivers for xp for this laptop

    This is for the dell wireless card

    This is for the intel wireless card

    Hope this helps. If you need more help just let us know.



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