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    Default Dell Inspiron 1545 Static Noise

    After connecting my Dell laptop to my mixer to start Djing I found when the laptop was plugged in at the mains a loud static noise came from dj set up speakers. After playing about with it for a while I found when it ran off the battery it was fine but as soon as I plugged the laptop in at the mains there it was again. So after speaking to Dell tech team today It turns out its a known problem with certain models which they apparently are trying to sort out. So after serching for a laptop for a while to dj from I bought a Dell Inspiron which known to the company has a problem with connecting up to another power sorce. Will they sort it soon & will they contact us? Who knows, all I know is I have new lap top that was sold to me with a problem. THANKS!

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    Default Re: Dell Inspiron 1545 Static Noise

    Whats specs and operating system



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